Rhubarb Pie

There Is A Recipe For A Honeybunch Rhubarb Pie Made With Fresh Rhubarb In A Flaky Pie Dough

Rhubarb Fans Will Want To Make This Delicious Pie

Rhubarb Is A Vegetable That Grows As A Stalk And Is Used In Many Sweet Recipes

If Using Frozen Look For Fresh Crisp Rhubarb That Is Pink To Red In Color

The Top Of The Rhubarb Pie Filling Could Be Used To Add More Flavor

Cut Slits In Pie Dough To Allow Steam To Escape While Pie Is Baking And Allow Water Evaporation

Water Can Be Used Around The Outer Edges Of The Pie Dough To Help It Stick Together

Use Aluminum Foil Strips To Cover The Edges Of Dough If You Dont Have Pie Guards