Italian Pressed Sandwich

Learn More About The Italian Pressed Sandwich

Take Your Next Picnic Or Party To A Whole New Level With My Italian Pressed Sandwich Recipe

You Will Need Ciabatta Bread Tomato Pesto Large Pepperoni Capricola Ham Calabrese Salami Fresh Mozzarella Basil Tomatoes Learn More

A Layer Of Pepperoni And Capicola Ham Is Placed On The Bottom Half Of The Bread

The Next Step Is To Top The Meat With Slices Of Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

The Next Step Is To Top The Tomatoes With Calabrese Salami

Put A Heavy Skillet Or Pot On Top Of The Wrapped Sandwich And Set It In The Fridge For At Least 20 Minutes

Before Serving Unwrap The Sandwich Slice Off The Edges Until Its Nice And Square

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